The mining of Einsteinium is divided into Epochs, each Epoch is 36000 blocks long and is targeted to last 25 days.  The Proof of Work mining of Einsteinium will last 730 Epochs.


During every Epoch starting from the 2nd Epoch through to Year 10 a random Wormhole Event will occur. A Wormhole Event is 180 blocks long with a reward of 2973 Einsteinium per block. This is a fixed value reward irrespective of the current block reward and replaces the standard reward for that block. A Wormhole Event is randomly generated and can start at any time during an Epoch, but will ALWAYS be 180 blocks long.


1st Epoch - N/A

2nd Epoch-Blocks 42206 - 42386

3rd - 8th Epoch - N/A

9th Epoch -  Blocks 307569 - 307748

10th Epoch - N/A

11th Epoch  - Blocks 345963 - 346142

12th Epoch - Blocks 377684 - 377863

14th Epoch  - Blocks 471262 - 471441


As we move past 25th Epoch the Wormhole Events, in conjunction with the rising value of Einsteinium, will be a substantial incentive for smaller miners to continue mining. With a reward of hundreds of times the standard block value up for grabs you won’t want to miss a Wormhole Event.